Featured Artist

Dylan Lusk

  Dylan Lusk is a Pennsylvania transplant currently living in Cleveland. A Kent State graduate specializing in media production, Dylan's love for the lens translates into an every-man's view of the world around him. Despite his love of death metal, Dylan keeps his humorous observations on twenty-something urban living appropriate for all audiences.  

John Bruton

Smooth old man styles, quick wit and charming AF! One of the founding members of Accidental Comedy, John is always a hit! 

Leslie Battle

From Columbus, OH, Leslie is a favorite! 

Her unique take on motherhood, being a divorcee and her long military career make for an unforgettable comedy experience.

Artist Profiles

Steve Mers

Steve Mers is a local favorite because of his ethereal patterns and impeccable timing. His boyish good looks give way to highly intelligent humor.   

George Morero

 George Marrero was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Known for his unorthodox storytelling and naturally funny spirit, he captivates his audience bringing his Spanish and black background on stage. 

Jill Pecoraro

Jill is a riddle wrapped in a burrito. While extremely new to comedy, she writes and delivers like a seasoned veteran. Quirky observations, polished story telling and absolutely mesmerizing. Do not miss an opportunity to see her live. Comedians this good tend to die young.

Artist Profiles

Jason Moliterno

 Jason Moliterno began performing comedy in 2012. He drives around northeastern Ohio, pleasing audiences with his strange observations, which he tries to pack with smart wit and a little absurdity. Then he leaves, finds a Sheetz, and buys a giant block of cheese.  

Cami Blanchard

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John Hensler

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Artist Profiles

Ricky Melton

Profile Coming Soon!

Michael Ivy

 For years Michael Ivy has been a breath of fresh air for the discerning comedy fan. He always surprises audiences with his unique takes on current events and cerebral style that is unlike any other. He recently filmed his television debut on Fox TV's stand-up comedy show "Laughs"!

Marla Demarchi

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Artist Profiles

Bryan Sternick

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Dave Flynt

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Ryan Weiss

Profile coming soon!

Artist Profiles

Thomas Pruchinski

Spanning the line between funny and offensive, Tommy brings a ton of energy to the stage, he has performed in Asian and European countries, making him one of the most well traveled comedians in Cleveland.

Spyder Jones

Spyder Jones is just flat out professional. He is a favorite because he will make you laugh. Period. He does well with any crowd. This man was born to be a comedian.

Skizzo Bill

Skizzo Bill is a schizophrenic comic from Cleveland, OH. He was on NBC's last comic standing in 2008 and has been performing stand up comedy for 12 years.

Artist Profiles

Jeff Davis

Jeff was born and raised in the south and made his way north as fast as possible. Father of 7 children, Jeff has a knack for cutting through the BS and finding humor in all of life's moments. Jeff is one of the founding members of ComedyCLE,, The Comedy Death Match, Torch on The Porch & Dragon's Lair comedy shows.

Desmond Turner

Desmond is a local favorite from Cleveland, OH. He can be found at open mics and showcases all over Ohio and PA. 

Jason Brent

Based in Detroit, MI, Jason's comedy focuses mainly on the awkward way in which we relate to each other and the world. Jason is a regular on The Comedy Death Match!

Artist Profiles

Sean Hatman

Sean Hartman is a fun-loving Cleveland Comedian. Most nights you can find him telling jokes at Lakewood bars.  

Joey Gentile

  Taking inspiration from Don Rickles, Lenny Bruce, and Margaret Cho, Joey isn't afraid to  talk about what others find taboo. If you aren't uncomfortable while laughing, his job isn't done. 

Christine Kansy

Christine always delivers! Christine has been writing and performing comedy all over Ohio since 1993. Her laid back vibe gives way to gut busting humor leaving her audience dazed and dying for more!

Artist Profiles


 Payne Avenue's own, Donn.c is a comedian from the east side of Cleveland who talks about life in the hood, family issues and life in a house full of females. Commonly referred to as the tangerine dream for his love of orange and his ability to make fat sexy!

Michael Dragon

Michael Dragon is a Cleveland comedian who is know for his naive yet quirky views on life. A young man trying to make a name for himself in The Land, his only regret is that he has not yet lived by the sea, and frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honali.

Derek Fischer

 Derek Fischer is a stand-up based out of Cleveland, and has been performing for 3+ years. Drawing on his experiences in the Marines, scientific research, and outside the cube thinking, Derek brings humor that will make you think before laughing.