Artist Support

Inexpensive Headshots

Tired of using selfies for professional shows? A great headshot or two can make you a more marketable and profitable comedian. Our artistic team will get you started at cost well below the industry standard.

Writers Workshop

Sometimes the key to the next level when writing, and your career is collaboration! is committed to providing great workshops for all interested artists. Check out our calendar page to find the next workshop!

Show Posters

A great poster captures your audience's attention right away while sharing important details about your show Contact our design team today!


Do you have a skill set that would be useful to other artist? Is your price fair?

Join our team and be part of Cleveland's most collaborative effort.

Got Sound?

Do you need a great sound system? Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of cash renting equipment? Our production team will work with you to get the sound you need at a reasonable cost.